July 25 - 29, 2018

Crested Butte, Colorado

Blanchard Family Wines is the creation of James and Mark Blanchard, two brothers with a common passion for fine wines. As children, these two brothers were so closely associated with one another, they were often known simply as the Blanchard Boys. But as the brothers grew older, their lives lead them on different paths. James went to the Air Force Academy, became a military officer and helicopter pilot, and proceeded to start a family. Mark studied poetry, moved to California, and pursued aspirations of working in Wine Country. As they both discovered a mutual passion for fine wines, the Blanchard Boys came together again under this dream. This family business is the vision of two brothers who wish to share rare, hand-crafted, artisan wines with the world. Their winery and tasting room, located in downtown Healdsburg, California produces award winning wines under their own label, as well as numerous other private labels. Since their first vintage in 2007, they have continued to maintain their family focus while expanding their product line and supporting a number of charitable causes. Their next move is opening a small production facility and tasting room in Denver, Colorado. They welcome everyone to come visit them in both locations.

Blanchard Family Wines

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