Delicious Summer Fruit Terrine Recipe

Get ready for a summer dessert that is sure to impress your guests – the Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly!

This delightful dessert is the perfect way to showcase the bounty of summer fruits while keeping things light and refreshing. With a combination of black currants, blueberries, red currants, raspberries, and strawberries, this fruity terrine will certainly tantalize your taste buds.

But what makes this dessert truly special is the sparkling rose wine jelly. It provides a subtle sweetness that complements the fruits in just the right way, giving off that perfect summer vibe.

This recipe packs a powerful punch with fresh lime juice and unflavored gelatin which really brings the flavors together, taking things over-the-top delicious!

Whether you’re hosting a party or planning a romantic dinner for two, this fruit terrine is an easy summer dessert that’s guaranteed to please. Plus, as an added bonus to all its amazing flavors, it has plenty of health benefits from all its fresh ingredients.

So why not cut back on unnecessary sugar and try out a fruit terrine you will love?

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Summer Fruits Terrine or  Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly!
Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly!

Are you looking for an easy, impressive, and delicious summer dessert to impress your guests or treat yourself? Look no further than this summer fruit terrine or bodacious berries in wine jelly recipe!

This dessert is truly bodacious, bursting with the fresh flavors of black currants, blueberries, red currants, raspberries, and strawberries. The fresh lime juice adds a tangy twist to the sweet fruit that will have your taste buds dancing with joy.

What’s more, this recipe uses unflavored gelatin and high-pectin fruits like berries to create a firm jelly that holds its shape perfectly. The base of the jelly is made with refreshing sparkling wine or sparkling rose wine, making it a perfect summertime treat.

But, you may be thinking – “I’m trying to cut down on sugar!” Don’t worry – this recipe has got you covered. I highly recommend cutting back on the caster sugar way back or using an alternative sweetener like stevia. It’s still utterly delicious this way and will help you stay on track with your health goals!

Plus, unlike many other fruit desserts that can be fussy and time-consuming, this summer fruit terrine is incredibly easy to make. Simply mix together the ingredients, pour them into a mold, let it set in the refrigerator for a few hours and voila! You’ve got yourself a show-stopping dessert with minimal effort.

In short, if you’re looking for a stunning summer dessert that’s easy to make, packed with fresh flavors, adaptable to your dietary needs and preferences – look no further than this bodacious berries in wine jelly recipe. Try it out today!

Ingredient List

 A refreshing and elegant dessert that will impress your guests
A refreshing and elegant dessert that will impress your guests

Fruit: This recipe calls for a mix of fresh summer fruits, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black currants, and red currants. You want to use ripe but firm fruits that are not too sweet for this recipe.

Gelatine: The recipe requires unflavored gelatin to make the wine and fruit jelly layers. Gelatin is a protein made from collagen found in animal bones and skin.

Sugar: We’ll use two types of sugar in moderate amounts: ‘caster sugar’ and ‘sugar.’ Caster sugar is a finer version of granulated sugar, while regular sugar should be used sparingly to cut back on sweetness.

Wine jelly: Wine jelly is made from wine, sugar, fresh lime juice, and high-pectin fruit such as currants. You can choose to make your own or buy it readymade.

Rose wine: This recipe utilizes a sparkling rose wine or pink prosecco, but you can also use sparkling white or red wine as substitutes or experiment with different flavor profiles.

Fresh berry terrine: You’ll also want to have a good selection of fresh berries for the top layer of the terrine, such as raspberries or blueberries.

Equipment: To make this terrine, you’ll need a loaf pan or any rectangular-shaped mold that can hold the fruit and gelatin mixtures. You may also use a stand mixer or electric hand mixer to make life easier.

The Recipe How-To

 Summer's best fruit medley comes together in this stunning jelly terrine
Summer’s best fruit medley comes together in this stunning jelly terrine

Step 1: Prepare the Fruit

Begin by rinsing and gently patting dry the summer fruits selection – such as black currants, blueberries, red currants, raspberries and strawberries with a paper towel to remove any dirt or debris. With the help of a chef’s knife, cut the strawberries into small pieces then keep aside.

Step 2: Lime Juice and Gelatin Mix

In another bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice and 3 tablespoons of cold water. Sprinkle over 2½ teaspoons of unflavored gelatin and let it sit there for a few minutes until it thickens.

Step 3: Sugar and Rosé Wine Cooking

In a separate pot, combine 100g caster sugar with 150ml rosé wine. Cook them over low heat stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves (approx. 5-7 minutes).

Step 4: Mix the Berry Fruits with Gelatin Mixture and Sugar/Wine Syrup

Now, gently reheat the gelatin mixture until it turns into liquid form again. Pour this mixture into the sugar/wine syrup vase while stirring constantly. Keep stirring until well combined.

Add in your fresh fruit selection as well as small pieces of strawberries to the mixture now.

Step 5: Arrange in Mold or Tray

Pour everything into a terrine mold or loaf pan instead. Leave it in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours or better overnight.

Step 6: Terrine Unmolding For Serving

When ready to serve, take out of fridge and let sit at room temperature for about twenty minutes. Run a warm knife around the edges before turning out onto a serving plate.

Garnish with fresh berries on top if desired before serving this delicious fruits terrine or bodacious berries in wine jelly on a hot summer day with a cold glass of sparkling rosé wine or yellow fizzy champagne!

Substitutions and Variations

 A delightful way to enjoy the season's bounty of fresh berries
A delightful way to enjoy the season’s bounty of fresh berries

This recipe is customizable and can be adjusted depending on your preference or the availability of ingredients. To give it a twist, you can try using different combinations of summer fruits like black currants, blueberries, red currants, raspberries, and strawberries. Mix and match to find the perfect blend that suits your taste buds!

For vegetarians or those who don’t consume gelatin, you can substitute unflavored gelatin with agar-agar or any other plant-based alternatives. You can also swap caster sugar with coconut sugar, honey or stevia for a healthier option.

If you want to mix things up and add some complexity to this summer dessert, try making it with a different type of wine jelly. You can use sparkling rose wine for a bubbly sensation, red wine for a rich flavor profile, prosecco for a light touch or champagne jelly for extra sophistication.

For those who prefer less sugar in their desserts, feel free to cut down the amount of caster sugar way back. You could also replace the wine jelly with freshly squeezed fruits juice mixed with high pectin content fruit puree such as berries to make your own naturally sweet fresh fruit jelly.

Make this berry terrine recipe more interesting by adding fresh cream into the mix. With a layer alternating between fresh fruit and cream terrine make for an impressive red white blue summer dessert.

Whether you decide to go traditional with wine jelly or experiment with other twists in this summer fruits terrine recipe, there are unlimited ways to get creative in making this delightful fruit dessert that will surely refresh your palate!

Serving and Pairing

 Dessert that looks and tastes like summer in a bite
Dessert that looks and tastes like summer in a bite

Serving this summer fruits terrine or bodacious berries in wine jelly is a true feast for the eyes and tastebuds. When serving the terrine, cut it into beautiful slices and arrange them on a platter lined with fresh berries, mint leaves, or edible flowers. The vibrant colors of the fruits will make your guests’ mouths water and their eyes dance with delight.

When it comes to wine pairing, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling rose wine, such as Prosecco, Cava or Champagne. If you prefer a still wine, pick a light-bodied and fruity rosé or red wine that won’t overpower the delicate sweetness of the summer fruits.

For those who are looking for a non-alcoholic option, serve some sparkling water with a splash of fresh lime juice and a few berries for an elegant and refreshing twist.

This fruit terrine is perfect for your next summer soiree, picnic, brunch or any other occasion where you want to impress your guests with an easy-to-make but show-stopping dessert. Remember to cut back on sugar if you want a healthier version that still maintains its indulgent taste!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Your taste buds will be dancing with the sweet and tangy flavors of this terrine
Your taste buds will be dancing with the sweet and tangy flavors of this terrine

This summer fruits terrine recipe is easily adaptable for serving at a later time. In fact, it is best made ahead of time as it needs several hours to set so you can enjoy later.

When making ahead, make sure to cover the terrine with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. Be careful not to stack anything on top of it or else it may get squished or lose its shape.

To serve, run a knife around the edges of the terrine and invert onto a serving platter. Make sure the platter you choose has enough space for any jelly that may have spilled over, as well as enough room for plating.

Any leftover jelly that may have spilled can be scraped off and spooned over the top of the terrine or served on the side as a sauce.

In terms of reheating, since there is no baking required in this recipe, there really is no need to reheat it. It’s best enjoyed cold from the refrigerator.

However, if you prefer this dessert slightly warmer, you can place it in a warm water bath for a few minutes to help soften the edges and make it easier to slice and serve.

Overall, this dessert keeps well and is perfect for meal prepping or parties where you may need something that can be done ahead of time.

Tips for Perfect Results

To ensure that your Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly comes out perfectly, here are some tips to follow:

1. Use High Pectin Fruits

For the perfect consistency in your terrine or jelly recipe, it’s crucial to use high pectin fruits like black currants, raspberries, and strawberries. High pectin fruits will help the jelly to set properly.

2. Cut Sugar Way Back

To make the recipe a healthier option, it’s advisable to cut sugar way back. Instead of using the recommended amount of caster sugar, consider substituting it with less amount or use a healthy sweetener like honey.

3. Chill The Terrine Before Serving

For best results, chill the terrine refrigerated until it’s firm enough before serving to keep its shape intact.

4. Experiment With Different Wines

While the recipe calls for sparkling rose and white wine, feel free to experiment with other types of wines such as red wine, prosecco or champagne jelly.

5. Consider Adding Fresh Cream

For an added touch of creaminess and richness to your fruit dessert, consider adding fresh cream when serving the fruit terrine. This extra layer of richness further elevates the recipe and brings more depth to each bite.

6. Mix Up The Berries

You can customize the recipe by mixing up different kinds of berries such as blueberries, red currants, and blackberries for extra burst of flavors! It is also an opportunity to use any fresh berries that happen to be on sale.

By following these tips, you’ll achieve bountiful results all summer long with your Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly!


Now that you have all the information on this delicious summer fruits terrine or bodacious berries in wine jelly recipe, it’s time to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Read on to quash any remaining doubts you may have and make sure your fruit terrine comes out perfectly every time.

What fruit is best in jelly?

Jelly-making requires three key ingredients, with fruit being the first and foremost. For beginners, it’s recommended to use fruits that are high in pectin and acid such as tart apples, crabapples, blackberries, cranberries, currants, gooseberries, lemons, and concord grapes. The high pectin levels ensure that the jelly will have a smooth and proper gel consistency.

How to make any fruit jelly?

To make a fruity and refreshing dessert, I start by heating up 2 cups of apple juice and raspberries in a saucepan until it reaches boiling point. Then, I take it off the heat and stir in some gelatine to dissolve it. Next, I strain the mixture to remove any raspberry seeds and pour it into a bowl or moulds to set. After refrigerating it for a few hours or overnight, the dessert is ready to be served.

How do you float fruit in jelly?

To create a colorful and refreshing dessert, begin by slicing and arranging your choice of fresh fruit in a bowl or mold. Next, mix together some regular Jello powder with water or substitute with a vegan gelatin recipe. Carefully pour the mixture onto the fruit and chill the dessert in the fridge for roughly two hours.

What is wine jelly?

Jelly made from wine, otherwise known as wine jelly, can be crafted from any variety of wine, be it red, white or rose, and its flavor can range from sweet to spicy or savory, contingent upon the addition of certain ingredients. Although it is readily available through several vendors, creating this jelly from scratch is quite simple, and easily done at home.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it – an irresistibly tempting summer fruits terrine or bodacious berries in wine jelly recipe that’s not only easy to make, but also can be customized to your liking. Whether you’re a fan of black currants, raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries – this fruity delight is sure to impress both your guests and taste buds!

Moreover, this dessert utilizes fresh fruit that not only adds to its taste but also provides a multitude of health benefits. It’s a great way to indulge in something truly scrumptious without jeopardizing your health goals.

Besides that, I must add that this recipe serves as a perfect dessert for various occasions, be it a fancy dinner party, romantic date night or casual brunch – it has got you covered.

With the option of further variations and substitutions available, you can experiment with different flavors and combinations to suit your palate. Also, with tips for perfect results and frequently asked questions answered, your experience with creating this very dessert is bound to help you grow confidently as a culinary expert.

In short, take a step out of the box and try this sparkling summer fruits terrine or bodacious berries in wine jelly recipe at home; I guarantee it will leave a lasting impact on you and everyone else who gets to enjoy it!

Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly!

Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly! Recipe

This is one of my favourite recipes, when the soft fruit season arrives, I try to make this at least once......and it is STUNNING if served as the finale to a dinner party. This is an unashamed copy of a recipe by Delia Smith, with very few modifications of my own, as she gives such great ideas and suggestions on how to make this elegant and LOW fat dessert. The directions may seem long-winded, but they are really just useful tips on how to weight the terrine down overnight. Serve this in slices with a red berry coulis and crème fraîche or cream. Fruit juice can be used if this is being served to children or to anyone who does not drink alcohol - I suggest a red fruit juice.
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Prep Time 1 d
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Western cuisine
Servings 1 Fruit Terrine
Calories 90.1 kcal


  • 15 fluid ounces sparkling rose wine
  • 2 ounces caster sugar
  • 2 (1/4 ounce) sachets unflavored gelatin
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

For the fruit

  • 12 ounces small strawberries
  • 8 ounces raspberries
  • 12 12 ounces red currants or 12 ounces blueberries


  • In addition to the ingredients, you will also need two 2 lb (900 g) loaf tins, 7½ x 4¾ inches x 3½ inches deep (19 x 12 cm x 9 cm deep), preferably non-stick but anyway with a good surface.
  • First, prepare the fruit: remove the stalks and halve the strawberries if they are any larger than a quail's egg. Then mix the fruits together in a large bowl, being very gentle to avoid bruising them.
  • In a small saucepan heat half the rosé wine until it begins to simmer, then whisk the sugar and gelatine into it. Make sure that everything has dissolved completely before adding the remaining wine and the lime juice. Then pour the liquid into a jug and allow it to cool. While that is happening, lay the mixed fruit in one of the loaf tins – and it is worth arranging the bottom layer with the smallest, prettiest-shaped fruit as this will be on top when the terrine is turned out.
  • Next, pour all but 5 fl oz (150 ml) of the liquid over the fruit. Now lay a sheet of clingfilm over the tin, place the other tin directly on top, then put two unopened tins of tomatoes or something similar to act as weights into the top tin and put the whole lot into the fridge for about 1 hour, or until it has set. Then warm up the remaining 5 fl oz (150 ml) wine mixture and pour it over the surface of the terrine. Re-cover with clingfilm and return to the fridge overnight to set firm.
  • When you are ready to serve, turn out the terrine by dipping the tin very briefly in hot water and inverting it on to a plate. Use a very sharp knife (also dipped first into hot water) to cut it into slices. Serve with red berry coulis, chilled pouring cream, crème fraîche or Greek yoghurt.

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Serving: 102gCalories: 90.1kcalCarbohydrates: 20.7gProtein: 2.8gFat: 0.5gSodium: 5.1mgFiber: 2.8gSugar: 10.6g
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